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ACCT 547 DeVry Full Course Project

Corporate Consolidation Project


The objective of the Corporate Consolidation Project is to provide students with an in-depth, hands-on experience examining a real-world scenario. Students will address the following primary areas.

Using actual financial results for the recently completed year and a set of assumptions, forecast proposed parent company financial results for the upcoming year assuming the acquisition is not attempted.
Develop a set of revised, forecasted, separate financial statements for the parent company that reflect the proposed acquisition.
Prepare a pro forma consolidation worksheet for the parent company and its proposed subsidiary.
Perform ratio analysis based on (1) the separate financial statements and (2) the consolidated financial statements.
Articulate findings, conclusions, and a recommendation in a memorandum to the chairperson of the parent company’s acquisition committee.
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The Course Project is to be done by each student. The project is to solve a Case Study, which is listed below.

There are three topics in each letter group that correspond to the three required milestones.

Milestone 1—Required 1—due Week 3 (30 points)

Milestone 2—Required 2 and 3—due Week 5 (70 points)

Milestone 3—Required 4 and 5—due Week 6 (50 points)

The team will choose a leader to be responsible for posting the team’s document(s) ACCT547CourseProjectComplete to that person’s Dropbox for the appropriate week. In addition to the private discussion areas, teams have private Doc Sharing and e-mail to facilitate project activities. Only one team submission is to be made; each person does not submit his or her own milestone.

Please note: Any communication that occurs outside the Team Café will not be visible to me; thus, it will not earn you points towards the individual participation component of each milestone’s grade.

Although this is a group project, it is required that each team member play ACCT 547 Course Project Complete a meaningful role in completing each milestone. You should review the grading rubric found at the bottom of the page, because it will be used to grade each submission and click here individual participation component of each milestone. Each team member will receive a separate grade dependent on both the submission and his or her participation. Note also that participation in the team topic does not count toward your required weekly discussion log-ins and posts, but it will count toward your individual team grade.

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